Thursday, December 1, 2011

What I Didn't Eat

It was a small victory today, but I am going to celebrate.  I went to a ladies night dessert thing at Mandy's house. I drank bottled water, I carefully selected one small desert, ate a lot of fruit and dipped only a handful into some healthy dark chocolate. 

I am usually the girl that has one of each dessert.  But I decided I didn't want to be that way, and I wasn't.  Will it always be so? Probably not, but at least I have something I can build on.  Each time I am successful, I get a little bit stronger. Plus, I have been trying to reprogram my thinking a bit.  I mean, I have eaten all of the goodies before. I know what they taste like. I know how I feel after I indulge too much.  I can remember the good tastes, and avoid the yuckiness that follows.

I really want to get rid of the baby gut I have been carrying around as a result of two consecutive pregnancies.  I know I am never going to have washboard abs, but I know that I can do better. I am just hoping I can make it through this holiday season relatively unscathed.

I am just going to do my very best, and I will be happy with it. The small things really do add up.

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