Monday, August 31, 2009

San Antonio!

Here is the crew: Zach, Dad, Raef, and Uncle Nordel...on the tram at McCarran, going to their plane.
These boys look like they are ready for an adventure.

On Thursday night, they ate at a true Texas BBQ house...I think it was called Ray's or something like that.

The Wild Life Safari Park. Doesn't this look super-cool? You stay in your car and the animals come right up to you. Totally awesome!!

We learned about camels a few weeks ago. Did you know that a camel that has two humps is a Bactrian camel, like the one shown here? A camel with one hump is a Dromidary. How can you remember this. If you turn a 'B' on its side, it has two humps, and a 'D' on its side only has one hump. Now you will always remember. The kids were excited to see the camel, especially since they knew the difference.

There was also a little goat farm. The kids loved it so much, that they went to it 2 times.

Rinar said that zebras can be kind of mean. They use their teeth to get their food, so you have to be a little bit careful when feeding them...and stay in your car!

There was a snake farm as well.

Look at those boas.
After the farm, it was movie time. But, you have to play some video games while you wait.

Then, you cap it off with miniature golf. Zach got a hole-in-one.

When they got back to the hotel they went swimming and then went to bed. It took about five seconds for them to fall fast asleep.

Saturday! The water park! It is open!!!! Yeah!!!

This is the best part of the trip. Rinar wanted to take the boys on the sky coaster. You know those extra rides at an amusement park that cost a lot of extra money to do? Well, Zach was gung-ho! He couldn't wait to ride it. However, Raef did not want to go. Rinar offered him a $1. Nope. $5. No way. $10. Final price...$15. Rinar paid Raef $15 to go on this crazy ride. Once they were harnessed in, Zach was enjoying the view as they ascended to the top slowly. Raef was trembling and holding on tightly to Rinar's arm. At the top, Raef decided that he changed his mind and he didn't want to go. Zach pulled the rip cord and had a huge smile on his face as they plummeted towards the earth. Raef still held Dad's arm very tightly. After the second pendulum swing, Raef started to enjoy the ride.

He said he would do it again. Plus, he had $15.

The rental car...

These boys look beat as they wait for the airplane to return home.

What an adventure.

He is NOT an Aborigine

We have now discovered that Zach will never be an aborigine. Today, we learned about ancient Australia and how the aborigines lived a long time ago. Apparently, when they hunt kangaroos, they will sit for hours without moving a muscle. They teach their young boys how to hunt at the age of 7.

Zach is the wiggliest boy I have ever seen. He just cannot sit still. It is impossible for him. When we got done reading the story, I looked at him in my most solemn voice and said, "Zach, you will never be an aborigine."

He pretty much agreed with me. However, we put it to the test tonight. During family home evening, I challenged both of them to sit perfectly still for the 10 minute lesson. Raef was flawless and motionless the whole time.

Zach will never be an aborigine.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Life is Much More Fun Without Mom

Here is a little update on the boys' trip to San Antonio.

Since, the water park was not open yesterday, Rinar managed to miraculously find other stuff to do.

1. Denny's
2. Drive-thru safari
3. Snake farm
4. Arcade
5. Movie: "G-Force"
6. Miniature golf (Zach got a hole-in-one)
7. Chick-Fil-A
8. Swimming and hot tub
9. Video games on Dad's phone

Don't you feel sorry for these kids of mine?

I realized that if I had been on this trip, they might, maybe, possibly would have done half of these things.

I am quickly realizing that I am the party-pooper of the bunch.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Updates and a Little Crisis

I forgot to do my pregnancy update this week. I had an appointment with Dr. Sauter on Monday and that is when I get weighed. I came in at a whopping 194 lbs. However, the last time I was weighed, a month ago, I weighed 192, so I really lost weight. How? Okay, this is my reasoning. The babies have been gaining over a pound each every 4 weeks. Yes, they are getting bigger and heavier, but I got a tiny bit lighter. Yeah for me! So, I am heavier, but really I am lighter. It makes perfect sense doesn't it?

Everything is looking good. I only have one more ultrasound, scheduled for next 32 week ultrasound. Then I am done with those infernal things. Hallelujiah! After that, it sounds like I will have to go in once a week and get monitored for one hour to make sure the babies are doing well. I can handle that. I will just continue reading the ginormous book I am working on right now, a tome by George Eliot called Middlemarch. It is interesting, but very detailed. I am determined to finish it.

We had a little bit of excitement last night. My wonderful husband decided to take the boys on a weekend trip to an exotic location: San Antonio, Texas.

He picked this city because it has the biggest water park in the country, the Schlitterbahn. They have been excited about going for weeks now. Last night, he was checking on things and then came to a horrible realization. It is not open on Friday. No amusement park is open on Friday. {{gasp!!}}

We started to scramble. They intended on flying there today, going to the water park all day Friday, and half the day Saturday. The park is open on Saturday, thankfully. The only solution was to either find another water park that was open or extend the trip by one day. I did some research and saw that there was a park open in Southern California. But Rinar decided to just extend the trip by one day.

So, tomorrow he is going to take the kids, with Uncle Nordel, to a drive-thru safari. The animals come right up to your car and you can feed them. It looks really awesome and I think the kids will love it. They are also going to love flying on an airplane. So, with one entire day at the water park and another day doing fun things around San Antonio, the trip should be a wonderful experience for all of them.

So, its just me and Eli for the next three days.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Gut Check - 30 Weeks

Okay, I am now 30 weeks pregnant. Final, official, last day of pregnancy will be October 15th. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am making progress from 4 weeks ago. I even did my hair this time!

Everything is looking really good and I think I might be able to make it to 38 weeks. I would be really happy if I can. I mean, I know I am going to be miserable, but a few weeks of misery will mean the world to these little ones. They will be nice and healthy when they come out. No NICU for them!

Dina Titus Healthcare Protest

Well, we found something to do today.

And we made it into the news....

I read yesterday that there would be a protest at Dina Titus' office, which is right by our house. We got there right on time only to find out that Ms. Titus had sent an email yesterday afternoon at 4:30pm informing people that she would be at an Albertson's 15 minutes from her office. The rally started at 12pm and she was at the Albertson's from 11-1pm.

When we got there, the crowds had gathered on either side of the street. The 'angry mob' of concerned citizens facing the Albertson's and the paid unionized marble heads blocking the entrance to see her. The ratio was about 4-1 on the right side, protesting Socialized Healthcare.

I didn't try to go in to see her but apparently you could talk to her if you went in and got a number. Then maybe you would be lucky enough to talk to Her Majesty. Why in the world do you have a meeting with constituents at Albertson's? Seriously? What is the deal people? There were lots of police there to protect her from us that was a relief. They seemed amused by the whole affair, really.

I told my friend about the rally and she did try to go in to see Dina Titus. As she tried to enter the building, a belligerent lady would not move out of her way. She asked the lady to please move, and then the lady pushed her a little bit. Finally, my friend was able to get inside after the blockader accused my friend of pushing her. Once inside, she was able to talk to a staffer, Cameron Asgarian, who then told her that there were paid protesters on both sides of the aisle, hence the reason that they had the police there.

Is Dina Titus THAT delusional to think that BOTH sides were paid? How far up Harry Reid's butt is she, anyways? I stood on the anti-healthcare side and I can guarantee you that not one person was paid. There is no way. They were regular people with honest concerns about the direction this country is taking. Look at the pictures I took. Do these look like paid protesters?

Look...a paid protester.

And another one!!!

"They" paid all of the grandmas to come out to this thing. It was a grandma invasion...terrifying!

Hey, when the money is good, you have to protest. Thanks big business, big oil, big pharmaceuticals for the dough. We all needed some pocket change to pay for our yachts.

Dina Titus, do you really think anyone paid me and my family to come? What planet are you on? Oh, that's right...Planet Washington D.C. Now I remember.

All 20 of the pro-Obama side were chanting and half of them didn't even have signs about was stuff about a green planet and energy and something about rich people. Like I said, MARBLE HEADS!!!

Notice how they are conspicuously blocking the entrance to the grocery store. There were tables on the other side of the windows. It think that the throne was over there somewhere.

The girl in the high heels and pink boas feathers was trying to make a point about rich people. It was so profound that everyone on our side was scratching our heads. Rich people? Do we look like rich people? Somebody said that this little group of rich-people haters drove up to the rally in a limousine. How cute.

The right side...more were showing up after I took this picture.

No Obamacare!!

Look at this evil-mongering mobsters. Call the police!! I think he liked all of the moronic was like bedtime music.

Here is a little flavor of the atmosphere...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dad and Zach Play a Duet

Okay, Zach is making lots of progress with his piano. He surprises me everyday with what he can do.

I tried playing this thing with him and it was too hard for me. We had to wait for Dad to get home so they could really let it rip.

And here they play it again, a little faster.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

You Are Busted, Eli

You know that awful feeling, when it is soooo quiet in your house and you realize you have no idea where your little one year-old could be. Well, when it is really quiet, I always check the bathroom.

Eli loves toothpaste. I always catch him with it. The last time I caught him, he was at the top of the stairs. He was sucking on it and when he saw me he put it down beside him and then put it behind his back.

It used to be in the drawer, but we had to put it in the medicine cabinet. Apparently, that is not an obstacle that is going to hold this little guy back. When he wants it, he is going to get it.

Oh, and he is also fascinated with light switches right now. They are just so much fun. He flips the switch and then excitedly turns his head to see the magic commence.

It really is the simple pleasures in life, isn't it?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Eli's In Nursery Now

Whoa...he is actually 18 months old and officially the latest member of the Sunset Ward nursery. I walked him to the door, he ran in, he didn't turn around or anything.

Where are the toys, people? I just had to endure over an hour of yip yapping in Sacrament meeting. I need toys. Stay out of my way and you won't get hurt.

This is Eli with his nursery leader. She might see this picture and get really mad at me because she didn't want to be in it. I said, "Who is going to see? Just me and my kids?

Oh please. I forgot that I blog and would inevitably post it on the world wide web. She is bound to see it, so forgive me Danielle. I honestly didn't do it on purpose, but you are the nursery leader and this is a big day for him, and I do have to share it with all of my friends and family. Plus, you look adorable. So you will be okay, right? I love you and hope you will let him come back next week.

When I picked him up, I asked her how he did. She said he did great, except that he likes to stand on chairs. Really? I am shocked! I can't believe it! My Eli likes to stand on chairs. He would never do that...not in a million years. He so much better behaved than that. I don't believe it. It just isn't possible.

We also had a special visitor to church today, Caleigh and her family. They just moved to South Dakota from Vegas. Who actually does that? Anyway, it was a pleasant surprise, so I just had to try to get a picture of them.

Oh well, I tried.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Swimming Lessons

My kids are taking official swimming lessons so that they can learn correct technique: freestyle, butterfly, backstroke, and breaststroke.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dina Titus FIGHTS Special Interests and Lobbyists...POW POW!!!

Okay, I have tried to resist it, but I can't help it. I have to get a little political here for a minute. It has been on my mind all the time lately. With the health care debate ratcheting up significantly, the inevitable radio ads soon follow. There is one that has been running in support of our esteemed freshman congresswoman Dina Titus. It extols her virtues and brags that she has fought hard against the special interests and lobbyists.

What the @#$%?

What does that mean exactly? Is there anyone else out there who is sick and tired of all of the catchphrases that politicians use that really have no substantive meaning to them? This is a bipartisan accusation on my part. It is like the people that go in for an interview and when the interviewer asks them what their biggest weakness is, they say something lame like,"I am a perfectionist" or "I work too hard sometimes."

Really? Seriously?

Let's be real here people. Dina Titus has fought the special interest groups. Which ones, for crying out loud? Which groups need to be fought? Which lobbyists have you told to go live down in a van by the river? Names PLEASE! This rhetoric is getting old and it is so contrived. Everyone knows that politicians get wined and dined by the evil special interests groups. Politicians cater to them, kowtow to them, and kiss their rear ends whenever they get the chance. You know those Washington elitists go on "fact-finding" missions to exotic Caribbean locations or fancy skiing junkets. We all know they do it. No ones' hands are clean here.

So lets just stop with all the bologna about fighting the special interests and lobbyists. It is getting old and so incredibly cliche. GAG!

Can we get a real resume on the radio? For instance, if I were to tout my incredible mothering skills, my commercial might go something like this...

"Kelly, incredible mother of 3 rambunctious boys. She has a very strong, clear voice that can be heard down the street as she kindly corrects bad behavior. Kelly works hard to keep the big knives away from the one year-old and off of perilous ledges. She home schools her twin 7 year-olds on her bed so she can lay down and nap in between questions. Her house is clean...okay....well, anyways. Kelly, a mother you can trust for our community. Call Kelly now at (800) 555-1234 and tell her to keep up the good job."

The Babies Updated

In exactly 4 weeks Baby A and Baby B have been doing some major growing. Now, Baby A (the boy) has gained over a pound and is clocking in at 2 lbs. 13 oz. and Baby B (the girl) is at 2 lbs. 8 oz. They both gained exactly the same amount of weight. My body seems to be holding up really well so Dr. Masaki is really happy at how things are progressing.

I guess excessive TV watching is not such a bad thing after all, huh?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

House Guest BANISHED!!!

Good bye rat...Does anyone know what kind this is? I would love some input here. I hope there is only one. It was in our laundry room. We were onto this sucker about 3 weeks ago when we found a whole bunch of droppings in the laundry room. We couldn't find them anywhere else in the house. The exterminator checked the attic and it looked clear. He was fairly certain it was just a lone rat in the house, isolated to the laundry room. I closed the door and stuck the changing pad in the crack to keep it in Saturday night and on Sunday morning about 2 inches of the changing pad had been chewed. Then we went to St. George all day on Sunday and when we came back, more of the changing pad had been chewed. Therefore, I was confident the little critter was isolated to the laundry room.

The exterminator laid out several traps and it has been weeks with no action. We didn't see any droppings or anything anywhere. Even today, I thought I would take down the barrier we had hastily erected in the door frame to keep it in. Then when we got home tonight from our date with Nordel and Brooke there was a rat in the sticky trap.

Rinar is now cleaning up the new droppings. I have to stay far away from that stuff because of the pregnancy and the danger involved in breathing in any of the toxicity of the droppings.

So, please tell me. What do you call our now deceased house guest?
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