Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Word For 2012

As I think about this last year, I can sum it up in one word....survival!  Needless to say, I am very glad it is over.  Hallelujah.

With that said, I am trying to get myself excited about 2012.  Unlike this past year, I have made some specific goals. 

 I plan on running at least one marathon.  Training officially starts on Monday.  This is going to be very difficult, but not insurmountable.  Luckily, I have a training program that requires only 4 days of running.  I know I can do that.  With training, I want to run a half marathon in March as well. Rinar did a whole bunch of races last year, but I am not going to let that stop me from doing my thing.

I also want to be more dedicated to my kids and their education.  I have ideas of things I want to do, so this year I am going to implement them.  I think it will be easier because Harry, Julia, and Eli are older and able to do a lot more things. This is only going to get better as the year progresses.  I look forward to that.

Rinar and I plan on taking Raef and Zach to Europe in the late spring.  This is something to look forward to as well.  We have wanted to go for a long time and it will be wonderful to take them with us.

Here are just a few things going through my head right now.  I just read a blog about choosing one word for the year.  And now that I have written some of my thoughts out, I realize what my word is. Implementation.

I have a lot of ideas and now I need to implement them.

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Cynthia said...

I like your word! As I read your post I was trying to figure out what the word would be. I predicted 'Persistence' so I was close! I'm probably biased toward that word because of my favorite Calvin Coolidge quote on the subject.

I'll be excited to see your progress toward the marathon. That's a great goal! You'll totally do it!

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