Friday, December 9, 2011


The Wii has reemerged from its storage unit in outer Mongolia.  

I was planning on bringing it back out after Christmas.  It was sent on a long, desolate journey because of the horrific fighting it was always instigating.

It was a motherly act of desperation. After frantically calling many women in my ward to see if my kids could come and play, I really had no other choice. I just couldn't watch any more tears fall from my son's face as he and his brother continue to mourn the loss of all of their friends from Las Vegas. They have no one here to play with, and it is just so sad.  I generally do not have any luck finding kids for them to play with. Everyone is just so busy with their own lives, we really don't have a place here.

It is just heartbreaking. Just when I think things are getting better, they really aren't.


Anna said...

I know the feeling. Ugh. Poor kids. It is heartbreaking.

Hoku said...

It WILL get better. Hope things look up soon and that the boys find some nice playmates. You probably already thought about this but what about kids from church, or scouts?

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