Tuesday, February 23, 2016


This was a good day today. I went to the gym and did a Zumba class and I didn't totally suck at it. I can see that I am getting a little bit better. Now that I am sitting here thinking about it, I can't believe that I do a Zumba class. I guess you never know where the road will take you, right?

I was also able to be amazingly productive with homeschool work. Eli did a lot of stuff in a very short amount of time. I am realizing the value of doing projects. We are currently working on adding a math resource book. Today it was ordinals. It probably took about 20 minutes to add the information to two pages of the book. I am going to try to be very consistent at adding things so that he can fill up the entire book. He is  my guinea pig. I will be able to see what worked and what didn't and then use it as a model for Harry and Julia in the fall. I am certain that Julia will just love it and Harry is pretty artsy also. Now I need to add a science journal to the mix and then history folders as well. We have been doing history folders and I want to see it through for the rest of the school year.

I am realizing more clearly that the core curriculum only takes about 90 minutes to get through. But I really want to do much more with the kids. I am going to really search out projects we can do throughout the year so that we have something to show for what we have done. It is very rewarding to see things 'published'.

Rinar has been mentoring a business student at the University of Utah and in gratitude, he brought us a huge helping of homemade tamales. His mom made them and I thought they were delicious. However, I was riding solo on that one. I don't think Rinar really cared for them and all the kids weren't good at hiding their dislike of the authentic Mexican meal. So I was left with a ton of tamales that I know for a fact will not getting eaten unless they are eaten by me. I love the tamales but I don't want to eat them for the next two weeks straight. So, I took a bunch over to Melissa and Brad's house. It is nice to share and it is also nice not to waste.

Monday, February 22, 2016

It's About All the Kids Pretty Much

I have been writing a ton lately, just not in my blog. A few months ago I decided to start writing for a local magazine called Draper Lifestyle. I can't remember if I mentioned that in a previous post. But, man, the assignments are starting to add up. I really enjoy it. I usually submit 1-3 articles per month. The work is very satisfying, although the pay is pretty lousy. Fortunately, I could care less about the pay. I would do it for free. I have been able to meet so many interesting people. Plus, I am writing even when I don't want to, even when I get major writer's block and write myself into a corner. I have to keep pressing on because of a deadline. The deadline really helps me a ton.

As for my family, I am so very blessed. My kids are all doing really well right now. Here is a recap of the past month or so.

Raef is finishing up basketball. He plays on two different Jr. Jazz teams and loves it. I don't love it, but he does. It is almost more than I can handle. I guess it is not so bad because he never wants me to come. He thinks that I am bad luck. I just have to get him there. He takes care of the rest. Raef also decided to start a weightlifting class at the high school. He goes M-Th at 6am! Holy moly. But he gets up himself and gets there. I am proud of his diligence and dedication.

Zach continues to homeschool and drive me crazy. It recently came to light that he was not doing his homework at all, but playing computer games instead. I shed many tears on Friday. I feel like a failure almost on a daily basis when it comes to him. But I am hopeful that he will turn it around. He sat down with me today and we went through a couple of his tests that needed to be turned in for his BYU independent study classes. I am just happy to see the classes getting done. On a good note, he is excelling at the piano and continues to work hard to get better. I suppose there is always that.

Eli is my little angel. He is so easy to homeschool, can do so many things, and loves to learn. He has a mind for it. He is also doing well with violin and continues to progress at rapid speed. Today we worked our way through most of Hunter's Chorus, which is song #3 in Suzuki book 2.  He is about a book behind where Raef and Zach were at that age. However, I have a feeling that he will catch up to them rapidly. It comes very easy to him.

Harry is just so darling. He is currently obsessed with playing with his friend Charlie S. They are the best of buddies. I think they play together 2-3 times a week. Harry also is playing the viola and doing a beautiful job. Right now he is working on Allegro and I think that by next week he will be able to play all of it pretty flawlessly.

Julia is plodding through our reading book, "Teach Your Kids to Read in 100 Easy Lessons." Today we finished #82. She does really well when she chooses to do well. And then when she decides it is too hard, it can get ugly. Oy! At school she jumped from level C to level E. Clearly, all of the work, no matter how painful, seems to be paying off.  But man, it can be really painful. Julia does love beautiful things, especially things she can wear, like fancy shoes, shiny earrings, and lipstick whenever she can get away with it. She also loves to color pictures for me and write me love notes. What's not to love about that, right?

Noelle continues to potty train, although over the past week #1 has been less and less reliable. However, #2 seems to know where to go every single time. Thank goodness for that. Whew! She is just the most precious little girl. She loves hugs and kisses and telling me how happy she is.  And because of potty training, she is currently obsessed with anything "Frozen". I can't even tell you how many times I have heard the song, "Let it Go".

Rinar is working hard for the family. And thank goodness his back seems to have made a full recovery. He has worked hard at physical therapy to keep it healthy. I could do nothing without him.
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