Wednesday, December 21, 2011

And They Both Looked So Innocent

The little ones have been quite a handful these past few nights. Every room in our house has its own bathroom. Unfortunately, that includes the babies' room.  There is a lock on the door, but it does not work.

And guess what they have become interested in, all of a sudden?  Yes, the faucet. Rinar found them yesterday after a long day at the office. When he had disappeared for a while, I went to investigate. He was in their room cleaning up the gallons of water that were on the floor.   

It was the last straw. I made a late night run to Walmart to get two more round doorknobs, so that we could prevent further bathroom incidents.  I installed them today and then put a child safety lock on the door.  Problem solved, right?


I was reading to Eli across the hallway when I heard frantic crying from my little "angel" girl.  I went to see what the problem was.  The bathroom door was open.  WHAT!?!?!?! The faucet was running. Julia was pretty wet, while Harry sat "innocently" in his bed.  She was covered in body wash. It was in her eyes. It was in her hair.

I started dousing her with water and then had to do a full-on soak of her hair in the faucet. I put it in a ponytail and changed her pajamas.  All the while, I was reminding her how naughty she was and thinking to myself that all the coal is going to this one!

How did the bathroom get opened? The child safety cover had been pulled off. I got some duct tape and stuck it back together thoroughly.

But when I put her in bed, it smelled very soapy on Harry's bed. Very soapy. Harry had just a little bit of body wash in his hair.  Don't worry. Most of it was on the sheets, and his blanket, and a book, and a puzzle piece, and toy.

I didn't have to douse him.

So, who really gets the coal around here? I am not so sure now.


Hoku said...

Oh man, the resources we resort to when we're desperate! I'm still using the duct tape on Teanua's diaper before nap time (I have to go around at least 1 1/2 times and make sure the seam is undetectable or he'll be stark-naked).

What about a little latch hook high enough that they can't drag a chair and reach it? (I almost have to tip-toe to reach mine.) Desperation. That doesn't do too much damage to the door and may bring a little relief until those little geniuses come up with another "plan of attack." That's worked for our storage closet (which has particularly dangerous stuff inside).

Christi Sewell said...

Have you considered turning off the water under the faucet?

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