Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Rinar took the early flight home today. He then headed down to St. George after a quick stop at the house. He was able to hang out with his parents today. He said that his dad mumbles a lot, but he did playfully jab his stomach a few times when Rinar came to greet him. Rinar seems to think that Lynn has some time, but he is definitely not going to get any better. How much time does he have left? How much time does he need?

As for me, life keeps ticking along here. I had made a lunch date with Kristen and Kristin.  We met at Zupas again here in Draper. It was fun to see the ladies and hang out a bit. I then did a quick trip to Home Depot to get pvc pipes in order to make a teepee. Right now we are going through a book about Lewis and Clark. It has always been a date for me in a history book so I am actually enjoying picking up a lot of the details from their expedition. Harrowing.

Raef had a basketball game tonight and I had to take all the little kids because Zach had to go to Boy Scouts. Fortunately, one of the moms held Noelle after she watched me holding her while I was coaching during the first quarter. And it was also a fortunate thing to bring a Nintendo DS. Harry and Eli were neutralized. Then I gave Julia my iphone and she played on it and probably made calls to China. But, whatever. At least she was quietly sitting during the whole game, right? It was a close game, but we lost. The boys missed a slew of easy shots at the end. We couldn't recover, darn it. But I think they had fun. At least I hope they did.

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Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

So hard watching someone you love decline! Glad you have taken some time to yourself. Have you seen our newest additon?

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