Wednesday, January 15, 2014

12 Years Old

I don't think I ever really saw it coming. Pow, wham, zap!  These boys are now 12!!!


When did that happen? It was just minutes ago that I was looking at the in their incubators, tubes everywhere, monitors, so tiny and fragile.  And now, they are twelve. I get a little bit weepy-eyed just thinking about it.

And 12 is such a milestone year for them.  On Sunday, they are going to receive the priesthood and will be passing the sacrament this month. They can go to the temple now. They won't be in Primary anymore. And they are becoming more and more independent on a daily basis. I marvel at all of the things they are able to do.

On Monday, we took the kids out for an early birthday celebration because Rinar was heading out of town this week for work. We let them all get shakes at Iceberg. It was a hit. And for the record, Zach got a banana shake and Raef opted for Butterfinger. 

Combining their birthdays with Eli's, we are going to take the family to Legoland in California in February. Rinar made a paperchain and they unwrapped that for their present.  The paperchain helps us count down to our fun trip and gives everyone something to look forward to. It helps to make the trip a tangible thing. 

Yesterday was a regular school day. I did do a history lesson on Lewis and Clark and then I had the boys make red face paint as a relevant activity. Lewis and Clark to paint to be able to trade it with the Indians on their journey. After we took this picture, we realized the red paint didn't come off so easily. So I took everyone to the pool at the Treehouse and after an hour of swimming, all traces of red were gone.

For their birthday today, I let them do minimal schoolwork and then play electronics. It was a big treat for a school day. Electronics are usually a no-no. Then I took Zach to lunch, just him and me. I let him pick any restaurant.  Hence, we ended up at Chick-Fil-A. He spent the whole time talking to me about video games.  It is all over my head. It is almost like he is speaking a foreign language.

Afterward, we went to Walmart so that he could spend his allowance.  It was fun to hang out and talk. He told me that he wants to ride the top 6 scariest rides in the world for his bucket list.  What a crazy kid. I told him I would take pictures, but there was no way I was riding with him.

Raef and I have a lunch date tomorrow. I look forward to it. I think he wants to go to Arby's. He has some coupons. These kids have expensive taste.

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e m i l y said...

I know it. 10 being double digits was a hard one for me, but 12 was a killer. 12!

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