Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thoughts on Healthy Food

Some times, I just have to laugh at myself and my dingy moments. For instance, tonight. My neighbor Melissa needed help getting some furniture in Herriman. I have a truck and babysitters at my house and didn't mind getting away for a bit. She left her 3 year-old at our house and then we took off. Unfortunately, the furniture was not what she was expecting so to console ourselves she treated me to some food at Sonic.

I am trying to cut down on sugar drastically, so instead of ordering a shake or sugary drink I wanted to get some kind of food item.  And then I actually said out loud, "Hmmm, what is healthy here?"  

Melissa told me I could just close my eyes and pick anything because it was all about the same amount of healthy.  Excellent point, Melissa.  

To carry on with this "healthy" theme, I had my choice of onion rings, tater tots, or french fries.  The clear winner was the onion rings. Onions are vegetables, duh!

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