Monday, January 6, 2014

Puddle Snowmen

The start of a new week and a new year and so today, we got back to business.  The kids are back on track with school work and a steady rhythm seems to be returning to our house.  I hope to get everyone settled into a routine of some sort. When you have little children, routines are a blessing.

After dinner, we had a wonderful Family Home Evening. The lesson was on the Holy Ghost and we had a nice discussion about it. I know that they learned something tonight.  I am grateful that I could share my thoughts and my testimony about it. It was uplifting for me.

After the lesson, we closed with a couple of songs. They love to sing, "Once There Was a Snowman".  They all put their hands over their heads and got real tall at the beginning and then 'melted' to the ground.  On the second version of the song, everyone melted really fast. They all collapsed into an imaginary snowy heap.  And they all thought that it was hilarious.  The snowmen were melted by laser beams apparently.  With the third time singing the song, all of my kids stood on the couch and grew really tall and then collapsed quite suddenly and semi-violently to the ground with a thud.  Laughter ensued.  Poor snowmen.  Puddles, absolute puddles.

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