Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year's Celebrations

New Year's Eve was a blast. We played games with the Melanie and Jared and their little crew, Leah, Jamie, Michael and Catye and then kept with our family tradition of banana splits. The games of choice were Ticket to Ride Asia, Golf, and Screw Your Neighbor. It was fun to play new games! I loved it.  Leah made some pasta for dinner and Melanie brought split pea soup. Hence, we ate well and partied hard!

The first day of 2014 was a lot of fun also.  We had the pleasure of spending the day with our very good friends Amy and Stan O. and their kids. Rinar served a mission with Stan and that is how we became friends many years ago in Henderson. They saw each other at Stake Conference and then we later had dinner together at their house. Raef and Zach were toddlers and homeschooling was a naive dream for me...and for Amy!  We hit it off immediately and have always stayed close.  She has six children as well. Although I would bet you that they have seven or so. We shall see.

We spent hours talking while the kids played and then went to get some Mexican food for lunch while the kids stayed home and ate Little Caesar's.  Now that we have reconnected, I think we will be doing a lot more stuff with them.

We are blessed with wonderful friends.

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