Tuesday, January 21, 2014

All We Have is Time

Last week, Rinar's dad was admitted to ICU after a fall at his house. Linda couldn't help him and so she had to call 911. He was intubated and the prognosis was grim. He did this before about 3 years ago and now he is back to where he was, but three years older and more sick than ever. Rinar was in California when it happened and scheduled an earlier flight home. Then he went to St. George to spend more time with his dad.

Then it was back to work again this week. Rinar's dad had stabilized and we were waiting to see what would happen. They sent him to a rehab facility in town and it has become quite clear that he is not getting better. Reality is starting to set it here. 

Lynn is dying.

In the past 24 hours he has gotten progressively worse. Rinar and I have talked about this for many years, trying to come to a place of understanding, this eventuality. And now it is here. His time on earth is coming to an end. You think you can prepare for it, but I don't think you really do.  Death is so final. It will be a long time before we will get to see him again.

Rinar is going to come home early tomorrow again. He is in California once more. He will fly in in the morning and then head down to St. George. 

They have released Lynn from the hospital and sent him home with hospice care. He is still on a catheter and is in a hospital bed. He will probably never walk again.

Rinar is really sad right now. I am sad and I am especially sad for my husband.

What is time?
Is it the autumn leaves that change?
Or the snow that floats from the sky

What is Time?
Is it the air we breathe?
Or the wings that teach 
The new born bird to fly

Who can tell? 
I don’t know
Will we change?
Will we grow?

What is time?
Is it eternity
In heaven
Or just a hope for peace on earth

Where’s the time
Gone in a blink of an eye
But with every blink
a birth

We live
We learn
We love
In time
We give
We yearn
We grow

In time

Time for change
Its time to care
It’s not too late
Don’t despair
Reach inside your heart

To find the joy the love
To share with all mankind
For all we know

All we have
Is time

-Billy Porter


Hoku said...

Thank you for sharing this tender insight into a moment most of us never really think about - the eventual passing of a parent. Our aloha goes out to Rinar and the Ericksons.

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Sending prayers of comfort and peace to your family at this stage in your life.

NormaKimokeo said...

I am sad for my sister.

e m i l y said...

I am sad to hear this. Losing people you love is always hard, whether i'ts "expected" or "sudden".

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