Sunday, January 5, 2014


Now that I am not pregnant anymore, it is time to get back into project mode. You know how much I love my projects. This one was born out of absolute necessity. My kids had nowhere to put shoes, hats, gloves, and coats. Therefore, their solution was to litter every corner of my living room, dining room, foyer, etc. with their winter essentials.  Grrr....  It was really starting to annoy me. In all fairness to them, the little ones had no chance of hanging up the coats anywhere because it was woefully out of reach.

Hence, I purchased some crates to solve the problem.  Michael's and Joann's sell these beauties, but they are pretty darn expensive for wooden boxes. I was going to have to buy one every week with a coupon until I had six.  This was going to be a big pain but I was willing to do it to save 40%. Fortunately, when I went to Walmart for some other supplies, they were selling them also.  And guess what?  They were at about the coupon price...just a little bit more. I was stoked.  Project time could commence at full speed.

I bought some red craft paint and used some teal I have had for-evah! Then I did a rough, quick paint job. I didn't want it to look polished.

Once everything was roughly painted, I made up a glaze with leftover colors I had lying around.  I wanted brown and luckily, brown is about the easiest color to mix up.  My kids do it all the time!

I painted it on and then rubbed off any excess.

Then after a poly finish, my wonderful husband went to work and hung them in the laundry room. We then added coat hooks to each box, on the side.  This is what we had to do to make it fit in this space. There are a lot of places you could put a hook.  Now all I have to do is find their shoes and coats and gloves and hats.  Wish me luck!


e m i l y said...

Looks really fun!

Hoku said...

Looks awesome! I'm always amazed with the things you're able to make/re-purpose.

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