Monday, January 20, 2014

Impromptu Dinner Party

What a fun and spontaneous day today.  I love it when that happens.  Raef had asked me several times if Breken could come here to play. I was able to arrange a sleep over for them.  We went to Orem to get Breken at his basketball game because it is a lot closer than Heber City.  It was just me, Raef, Zach, Julia and Noelle. Rinar had taken Harry and Eli to St. George to visit his family.

Breken was great and they had a nice time. And since today is Martin Luther King Day, there was no school and Saver's was 50% off.  Lindsay and Justin came into town to get Breken and to do some thrift shopping at Saver's. Before they got here, I met Melanie at her Saver's to do some shopping. Then I came back and met them and then we headed to our Saver's: Rinar, Lindsay, Justin, and me.  We did some crazy thrift store shopping. It was great.

And then in the evening, Melanie came over with her little clan and we had an impromptu dinner party. It was 14 crazy kids and 5 adults. The house was bananas and it was just the way I like it. All of those 14 kids are pretty much my kids. I know them all so well and love them so much. And it was hilarious to see Kinley and Lindsay just waiting for me to finish feeding Noelle so that they could hold her. That little girl got a whole lot of love today from a lot of people.

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