Monday, June 30, 2008

My Life...1,2,3,4,5...etc. etc.

I got tagged by Shanna so homework assignment is done.

Twenty Years In the Making

20 years ago...

1. I was 11 years old and I lived in Durham, North Carolina.
2. I was getting ready to go to Neal Middle School, home of the Eagles. The school colors are green and yellow.
3. I decided to try out for the basketball team and had to get a physical to be able to participate. When I was at the doctors, I asked them why I had bumps on my feet. The doctor freaked out and decided to get a sample, so they got a big syringe and extracted a bunch of yellow fluid from my foot. This started the long journey of many future doctor appointments, as I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumetoid Arthritis.
4. I went to my first basketball practice in knee braces, which were really silly. I stopped wearing them after about 3 practices.
5. I had to start wearing leg braces as I slept at night to keep my legs straight as I grew. It was very painful and lasted for about a year.

10 years ago...

1. I had been married now for about 2 1/2 years to my lovely husband Rinar.
2. We were on our college journey together at the University of Utah and had just moved to University housing near This Is the Place Heritage Park. It was a one bedroom apartment on the second floor and all the walls were made of cinder block...very chic.
3. I decided to major in history and I was working at Subway.
4. Rinar worked at Zion's Bank as the most awesome teller ever!
5. We drove an '89 VW Fox, and had a car payment of $100/month.

5 years ago...

1. I lived in Atlanta, Georgia.
2. I had twins that were almost 18 months old.
3. We lived in a small townhouse with no yard, no parking, and no sidewalks anywhere.
4. I took the kids to Northpoint Mall at least twice a week because they had a really cool playground that was perfect for my two almost-toddlers. Raef could walk, but Zach couldn't so he was able to get lots of practice on a padded ground.
5. I was ending my journey of losing 30 lbs., so at about this time I weighed in at under 140 lbs. It was great and I did it all pretty much on a stationary bike at my house while I watched the first seasons of America's Next Top Model and 24. (Hey, I didn't have cable and that was all that was on, so I had to watch something.)

3 years ago...

1. I live in Henderson, Nevada and it was really hot. Okay it is always really hot now.
2. I was the most awesome Nursery Leader ever. My kids were in nursery with me.
3. We had just finished a major remodeling job on our kitchen. We put in new windows, took out windows, moved doors, plumbing, I mean everything.
4. We had a big family reunion in Las Vegas with Rinar's Coburn family. It was fun and exhausting all at the same time.
5. Rinar and I planned a trip to Costa Rica, and while we were there we went to Nicaragua for the day. It was very fun, but I really missed my kids. 7 days was way too long to be gone for me.

1 year ago...

1. I decided to do this crazy thing called Invitro Fertilization.
2. The IVF was successful and I find out that I am only having one baby instead of two, which was a big relief for me.
3. I was woozy and exceptionally hot all the time and didn't start to feel like myself until it started to cool September.
4. We said sayonara to our exchange student Michael Lin from Taiwan, who had stayed with us for the entire year and really, really, really tested every ounce of patience in me. I was glad to get that over with as I realized that I am not ready to be the mother to a very moody teenager.
5. We had another Coburn family reunion in Hurricane, Utah and we were in charge of it. It went well, but I was really glad that it was over.

So Far This Year...

1. I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy who weighed in at 8 lbs. 3 oz., 21 1/2 inches long and we named him Elias Lynn, after Rinar's father.
2. It was a lot harder recovering from a C-section and the pain was excruciating for almost a week.
3. I am a milk goddess. Eli now weighs 18.5 lbs.
4. I am revving up for a fantastic homeschooling year with my kids.
5. We are taking a big vacation to New England in a few days and I plan on eating lobster.


1. I went to church and actually got to sit through sacrament, because Rinar took Eli out into the hall instead of me.
2. I didn't have to do sharing time, which was a nice break.
3. I finished reading a book about Jumbo and I was surprised that I really liked it and learned a lot.
4. I made a pineapple chicken dinner with rice and Rinar didn't like it...but I did.
5. Rinar left for Albuquerque last night, and I am always proud of myself when I can spell that correctly.


1. I feel like a slug.
2. I dropped off my library books, so I think I will only owe them $0.20, even though it probably cost me $4 to get it there.
3. I ran on the treadmill today for 30 minutes and continually picked up the pace.
4. I still have not taken a shower and I stink. Rinar will be home soon, so I better get going.
5. I should probably make my bed too.


1. I have a lot of packing to do for our trip.
2. I want to go to Body Pump so I can get some muscles. I need them if I want to be able to carry Eli around.
3. I need to make a list because I constantly get distracted.
4. I am going to my book club to discuss Princess: Life Behind the Veil in Saudia Arabia, a very depressing book that makes me very glad that I am an American.
5. I am taking dinner to Meredith as she just had her baby last week.

Next Year...

1. I want to run a marathon and break the 4 hour mark.
2. I need to lose 20 lbs., but if I do #1 I should be okay.
3. Rinar and I are going to go to Mexico, as soon as I wean Eli.
4. I want to get our yard landscaped so it doesn't look ghetto anymore.
5. We might move somewhere greener, you never know, and I can always hope.

So now that I have finished this long list of stuff, I get to tag someone else. So this is my plan...

Angie, Brook, Leslie, and Angela Creamer (my stranger friend).


Julie & Chris Tandy said...

I learned so much about you from reading that post! Love your blog:)

Anonymous said...

That was so fun to read!! Way to go, milk goddess! :)

Meet the Robertsons said...

I know what you mean about that excruciating pain after a c-section, but at least yours was only for 1 week. Thanks for the tag lady! It took forever, but it was fun and it's done. Miss ya!

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