Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Tears

Well, the nieces are gone now and life is back to normal almost. I had a good day at church today, but I did a lot of crying. Leslie, my second counselor is moving and so today was her last day. She conducted in Primary and announced to everyone of her departure. The children sang her favorite song, "I am a Child of God" and Cheryl, Me, and the Bishop were all crying. I am really going to miss her. She has a such a sweet disposition and a strong testimony. Over two years ago I spoke at her baptism, and then I gave her the new member discussions. Then last year I watched her get sealed to her husband for all time and eternity. After this, she got pregnant at the same time as me. Her beautiful daughter Caleigh is just 3 weeks older than Eli. It has been a wonderful journey together.

In a few weeks, my really close friend Keri is moving also. It is just a few more miles away but it is out of our ward. This makes me sad too. She is my Primary Chorister and really good one too. I don't want to replace her!
I did have a good thing happen this week by way of the mail. I won a Pay It Forward game by my super cool friend Shanna in Atlanta. She sent me a photo box full of yummy treats and goodies: 2 super huge candy bars, an American Flag decor thingey, notecards, brown rice medley for Trader Joe's, and a nice hand-written card. It is so much fun to get surprises like that in the mail.
FYI... I do plan on doing a Pay It Forward game. It is coming soon, and I will have a neat prize to the winner. So, stay tuned!


Shanna said...

I hate it when friends move away! about 4 years ago we had tons of really good friends, and now they are all gone (you included!). Glad you liked the prize- it was fun doing it!

The Robertson's said...

Oh Kelly...I thought I was done crying yesterday, but after reading your post, the water works started up again. Thanks! I will miss you too. You've been a terrific friend these past few years and I will miss serving in Primary with you. I've learned a lot just being there every Sunday with you, Cheryl & all the kids. I know we'll still stay in touch though with lunch and baby dates (hehe). I will see you Thursday! Luv ya!!! xoxo

p.s. I like this blogger thing!! Thanks for hooking me on it!

Sharp said...

I found you! :) Love your blog. Say hi to my hubby tonight while he's at your house... I won't see him today!

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