Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Yeah For Me!

It was a ho-hum day today. I woke up late, which I can do because Eli now sleeps about 10-12 hours straight. Yeah for me!

Then I got around to eating breakfast. I never make breakfast for Zach and Raef anymore. It is one thing they do on their own. Yeah for me!

I actually remembered to sign the kids up for some classes at the City Rec center, so they are now registered for Tae-Kwon-Do and a singing class. Yeah for me!

We practiced the violin today, even though I really didn't want to. Yeah for me! Then we went to the library for story time and so I could get the book I have on hold that is next month's book club selection. I didn't have to sit in the storytime because the kids are old enough for me to have a half hour of free time at the library. Yeah for me!

Then I remembered I wanted a desk calendar to start plotting out the year and so we headed over to Wal-mart. The kids were really good and I only yelled at them a couple of times at the store. Yeah for me!

It was three o'clock when we started for home and I realized that I had not fed the kids any lunch. Since Rinar is out of town, I decided to make the kids Wendy's. They ate a lot which enabled me to "make" them a very light dinner consisting of mozzarella sticks and carrots. You can see that I am really into health foods. No clean up, no dirty dishes. You guessed it...

Yeah for me!


Anonymous said...

Yeah for you!! LOL! I need to think that more often. And Wendy's sounds perfect for dinner tonight, since Kydon is gone... :)

Lindsay and Seth said...

Yeah for me, I found you! Your blog is so cute! And it reminds me that we need to celebrate the little things more often! Yeah for you!

Dana said...

Hey Kelly,

You posted on my blog. I was just checking out your profile. We have a lot in common (favorite books/movies, ticket to ride, etc.). I see you live in NV. That is one of the few places we may move to next year (My husband is in the Air Force). I see you homeschool, too. I wonder how the HS laws are there. I am also in the primary presidency in my ward, and one of our counselors is moving away this month (typical in a military ward, though).

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