Friday, June 27, 2008

Suzuki Camp -- Day 5

Ta-da!!! The final day and we are done. The kids did a great job and they really improved this week. I think it was worth the time and money. Here are the pictures I promised you. They finished off the week with a concert to show the things they practiced.

Group class with Allen Lieb. Tough, but very patient. Once again, when Allen asked the kids if they have any questions, Zach asked when it was time for lunch. A one-track mind, if ever there was one!

Allen Lieb with Raef and Zach.

Sven Sjogren, the very enthusiastic instructor/composer from Sweden.

Here they are waiting for their performance with a new violin friend.

***And on to another note, following up from my post from yesterday****

There was a little blonde-haired, long-braided little girl in the boys class and all week she was terrible. Every five seconds, the instructor would correct her. She was constantly playing the violin when she should not have been doing so, or sitting when she was supposed to be standing, or standing when she was supposed to be sitting. In other words, she was not listening to the teacher at all, and I saw her on day one, and then today and I don't think I saw any improvement. My boys definitely did better, although they still had to be corrected every once in a while, well it was mostly Zach, but you know what I mean.

The moral to the story:

The little girl's mother was the movement teacher!!!!! Look in the mirror, lady.

This is an original piece by their teacher Sven Sjogren.

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