Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Tender Heart

Raef has the most tender heart I know of. He must have had it before he came to this earth. His sweetness and thoughtfulness are unparalleled for a boy of his age. This is great example of how wonderfully nice he is.

After church today, he came into the Primary room and gave me a cookie. I said thank you and ate the cookie. It was a good cookie. A lot of times the teacher will encourage the kids to give nice things to their parents. Well, I came to find out later that his teacher had given him two cookies to eat and he only ate one. He gave the other one to me. Now, this is a kid who LOVES treats. If it is made of sugar he will eat it. But today, he thought I would like a treat too. Isn't that just soooooo wonderful? Everyday he teaches me how I want to be when I grow up.
Plus, Raef always makes me Valentine's cards. I get one at least once a week. This is his latest one. On the back he signed his name...RAEF.

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