Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Little Confession

Today I want to make a confession about something that is very important to me...


I love food. I think about food. I eat food. When I am not eating food, I am talking about food. Sometimes I get overwhelmed thinking about all the things I could make, and then mourning the fact that there are not enough days or calorie allowances in one day to eat all the things I want to eat. Food is just a wonderful invention.

My favorite talk show host is Glenn Beck and the reason I think I like him so much is because he loves food too. He loves to talk about food on his show. It is great. Finally, somebody as weird as me.

I watched the Discovery Channel series called "I Can Make You Thin" and he says that you should eat what you want (YEAH!) but when you are full, stop (BOO!). I have definitely got one of his pointers down, no problem. I eat what I want. But the stopping part is really giving me fits.
So to combat my love affair with food, I have a gym membership. I make a point of going at least 3 times a week. If I didn't, I don't think I would be able to get out of bed.

One of my good friends loves food too. But she also likes to exercise a lot more than me. I am going to confess here on the internet that we are having a food affair. She will come over here just to see what is in the basket above my refrigerator. That is where I keep all the good, yummy, highly fattening stuff. Even tonight, she stopped by to drop off a book and get some cookies I had just made. She also popped some kettle corn to take home to her hubby. She loves the kettle corn. She never refuses a cookie or treat. I knew I would love her from the moment we first met. What makes it even better is that she is a dietician. haha! (Love you, Mel)

You see, when we are not eating together, we are on the phone talking about food. I was just mentioning to her the other week that I wanted to go to Roy's Hawaiian Fusion again just for the Chocolate Molten Cake. I must have had that a year ago, but I was thinking about it the other night. It happens to me alot. I will think about something yummy that I am dying to eat again. By the way, they are building a Chick-Fil-A in town and I have been obsessing about it for months now. Imagine a world where there is no Chick-Fil-A. That means you are in Las Vegas. I also constantly dream about a certain eclair I got at a bakery in Solvang, California. It was near enough to heaven as you can get, and probably only about 2000+ calories. I want another one!

I don't think this is healthy. Do you have food confessions?


Likes Chocolate said...

Congratulations on the new addtion to your family. She is adorable lucky girl. We miss you in the ward. I am so glad to see that your are doing well. Kelleyn

Likes Chocolate said...

p.s. I love food too! It is getting me into trouble thus the gym membership also. In fact, I am going on a trip in Sep just for the food to Boston. Well, actually to see family, but they know I want to eat in little Italy to have the eggplant ricotta rolls. Doesn't sound yummy, but it is delish!

Likes Chocolate said...

Hi! Yes, we saw Nadja in May. Check out my blog under Innsbruck-May. I will send her the link to your blog.

Melanie said...

Nice! Yes, you know how I do love food...here's to chick flix and kettle corn!

Creamer Family said...
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Creamer Family said...

Kelly, You should find out about a Supper Club. You can talk about food as well as cook together. It is great!
Take care, Angela
P.S. I have the recipes to a great family friendly Indian menu on my blog.

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