Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Pro-Am

Last week Rinar was able to do something really cool. He participated in the Pro-Am golf tournament for the Reno Tahoe Open.  He was pretty darn excited.  The tournament was on Wednesday, so we went Tuesday night to a casino downtown for a special dinner where they matched the participants up with a professional golfer. Rinar and his group got matched up with Tom Pernice, Jr.

Tee time was at 1:30pm.  I was able to go and watch him for a little bit. This is Rinar on the first tee shot. He missed it pretty bad in the sagebrush to the left. I think he was quite nervous.  Luckily, they played best ball so he was able to hit his second shot from a much better position.

Rinar and his caddy, Ryan, from work.  Not a bad way to spend a Wednesday, caddying on the golf course instead of sitting behind a desk.

Here is his group.  Tom Pernice is the guy in the middle. Rinar was a last minute addition, so he didn't know anyone from his group. But it is golf, and it sure was a lot of fun, regardless.

Tom Pernice is taking a shot on hole 13.

In the end, his group took 4th overall. Not too shabby, huh?  I am really quite amazed at the incredible opportunities we have both been able to have in our lives together.  It was pretty darn cool.

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