Sunday, August 12, 2012

British Invasion

Eli did his first official athletic event this week. He went to soccer camp.  He loved it. I am quite impressed with the kid. He dribbled really well and took it all very seriously.  I think I might actually have to put him on a team next year.

Since he did the camp, we had another coach stay at our house this week. Her name was Charlotte and it was a lot of fun. The funny thing is, she did the camp last year and coached Raef and Zach. She actually wrote their names on their soccer balls. Crazy, huh?

We loved having her at the house. As she put it, she was just like part of the furniture.  Once again, I invited all of the coaches over for dinner. There were seven this time. Two of them were from Brazil. That was pretty cool. Rinar was able to use his Portuguese, and I think they really appreciated it.  Ironically, one of the coaches (Bruno) is from the first area where Rinar served his mission in Rio. Rinar got out his mission pictures to share with them. It was quite a bit of fun.

Here is one of Eli's coaches, Liam.

Eli is getting some instruction from Coach Bliss.

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