Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Harry the Gymnast

Last week I signed up all three of my little kids for a gymnastics class. Unfortunately, today Julia and Eli were too sick to attend.  So Harry got to go all by himself.  And boy oh boy, did he have a good time.  Raef and Zach went with us and really enjoyed watching him as much as I did.

I took him out there onto the mat, and after getting him going with the warm-up running routine, he didn't need me anymore.  He did a great job following directions and standing in line.  Harry was just plain adorable.  Of course, any chance he go,t he was looking over at us, so we made sure to send him a copious amount of waves and thumbs-up.

The gymnastics instructor had them do a circuit with a large trampoline that ended at a foam pit.  They would bounce down the trampoline and then jump into the pit.  After that, they climbed out and then did a somersault down a slanted mat, then through a little tunnel and a little trampoline, and back to the end of the line. After Harry's first run, he decided he liked it so much, he just went to the front of the line again. The other kids looked concerned and he just gave his little stinker smile, the one where he knows he is being naughty but he is pretty sure he will get away with it.  Of course, it didn't last long and once the teacher saw where he was, she put him back in his proper spot.

At the end, he had to walk on balance beams.  The first one was pretty darn scary for him and when she got him going and turned her back, he just lunged for her and held on for dear life. My boy is a trip.

I can't wait to see my other two in action. It should be a lot of fun.

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Lindh Family said...

Caleb and Sarah love gymnastics! Anna's been doing it for a while and Jaron will be joining them next month. Gotta love the foam pit.

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