Tuesday, August 14, 2012

SYFL Experience

Football season is gearing up here and we are excited.  Raef and Zach decided to play football this year.  So, not only do I have the college football season to relish, but my own boys will be out on the pitch.  They are playing on the Galena freshman team.  We are very fortunate to have an excellent coaching staff and enthusiastic and supportive parents. I have been impressed with the inner workings of our team.

The boys started official practice two weeks ago, and on Saturday they went to Fallon for the Sierra Youth Football League Experience. This thing is huge.  Apparently 10,000 people descend on this small town. All the players come and get officially weighed in and then they play a few scrimmages.

Our boys did great. They won one game and tied the second.  We are a smaller team, but well-coached, so I think we will do well this year. We shall see, I guess.

Coach DJ is giving the boys a pep talk before their first scrimmage. The boys are ready to play.

Go Galena Grizzlies!

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