Saturday, August 25, 2012

Gymnastics Fun

All my little kids were able to go to gymnastics this week and let me tell you...they LOVED it.
There were more kids than last time, so they split the class up into two little groups.  Harry and Julia went with the younger group and Eli was with the older kids.  They did lots of bouncing and somersaults and balance beams and stuff.
 Harry and Julia kept busy doing lots of things.  Julia didn't like the balance beam, but she loved the slide.  So when she would get to the balance beam, she would stop and backtrack to the slide.  Yes, she was a bit of a stinker.

Eli was able to do flips around the bar.  He also liked doing handstands against the wall.

But his favorite was the last activity where they swung on the rings.  The instructor had him keep his legs up as he swung back and forth.  He did a great job.

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