Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Winter is a Bummer

This winter has been a real bummer. I know we have a harrowing driveway and we should be grateful that the winter has been very mild, but I am not.

It is now the end of February and we have only had to use the snow blower one time. That is it.  It has only snowed a handful of times. The kids have so much fun playing in the snow. They all get bundled up and spend hours outside.  

Raef spent about two days working on these snowmen. They are replicas of everyone in the family, pretty much.  The signs in front say "Welcome Home".  He had a blast doing this and the little ones were right there helping him.

Last year was record snowfall and this snow. I should probably be grateful that we have gotten off so easy, but I am not.  After living in Las Vegas for the past 7 years, it has been a big letdown. Of course, you never know. There is always March and stranger things have happened, but I am not counting on it.

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Lindh Family said...

Be patient. Last year when we moved here in January I tried to have my snow tires removed in February because the weather had been so nice. The guy at the tire store wouldn't do it. He'd lived her 7 years and said Reno's worst snow months are March and April. He was right. Snow may come, don't count it out yet. =)

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