Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy 4, Eli!

Eli turned 4 last week.  He is the sweetest little boy. I am very blessed that he is my son. Eli is kind and caring, smart, thoughtful, fun, silly.  If I could bottle up all of his cuteness and sweetness and sell it, I could buy a tropical island in the Caribbean and retire.

He was very excited to get a couple Skylander's guys. 
On his birthday we gave him a little present, but waited to celebrate until tonight. 

We had a mini-birthday party for him after Family Home Evening. We invited our friends from church to celebrate with us. It is great because Danny and Haley's family consists of 3 boys and one girl and they are all about the same age range. Their son Ira is in the same class with Eli.  We ate dinner, did a little lesson, and then sang to Eli and opened a few presents.  

Julia and Raef

My boyfriend Harry

Gus and Oscar



We gave Eli a Leapster for his birthday. He was very happy about it.  Our friends gave him some cars and a few little boy things as well and he loved it.

Happy birthday to my little man.

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