Friday, February 24, 2012

Dear Mr. Henshaw...I Confess!

Every time I go to the library or a bookstore and see this book...

I always feel a bit guilty. 

You see, Dear Mr. Henshaw and me have a sordid past. I checked it out from the Durham Public Library sometime around the 8th grade.  And then it made its way to my house and then got lost for, like, ever.

I think I checked it out because I had to do a book report and this is the book I chose. Of course, I never read the book.  I probably just made up something for my book report. More than likely, the teacher gave me an A+ for my mendacious effort. 

Then the fines started to rack up.  I wonder if they had a cap on late fees?  They probably did, but I was always to afraid to ask.  

Eventually the book did get returned by some miracle.

I am not sure if I ever paid the fine. More than likely, I did. But maybe not. I am quite certain that there is still an outstanding bill in my name to this day for some book I didn't return in time.  

Luckily though, the account is in my maiden name!

But do I feel guilty enough to actually read that darn book?

Hmmm... no, not really.

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