Friday, September 4, 2009

32 Week Pregnancy Update

I had my last ultrasound yesterday. Hallelujiah!!

I am doing great. It is such a difference from when I was pregnant with Raef and Zach. This time, my body is holding up really well and there are not any signs of preterm labor. Thank goodness!

The entire time I have been pregnant, the girl has been in the breach position, but she surprised us all because now her head is down in the right spot next to the boy. His head is so far down, they can't really get a good look at him. He is hiding. The technician decided to take a few 3D pictures of the girl, and of course she kept her arm in front of her face. So, neither one of them is very cooperative. But take a look at a side view of her.

Doesn't she look just like me? :)

You can really see her arm in the top two pictures. The third picture is a regular 2D.

Okay, so they calculated the weights and these are the numbers.

Boy - 4 lbs. 9 oz.
Girl - 3 lbs. 13 oz.

If you add up those numbers, they weigh more than Eli did when he was born at 39 weeks. They are 32 weeks. Hence, I am bigger than I was with him already, and I have 6 more weeks to go. Gravity is really going to be setting in soon.


Anonymous said...

Jack and Aidan were born at 34 weeks- Jack was 4 lbs, and Aidan was 4 lbs, 14 oz. They were in the NICU for about 10 days- Aidan wouldn't eat and had to have a feeding tube. Jack had a few episodes of bradycardia for 2 days, but he was fine after that.

They both lost weight, and were just under 4 lbs each when I took them "home" (to a hotel for a few weeks). Tiny little peanuts!

Good luck on the next few weeks!

Angie said...

So great! It is getting exciting, especially seeing the pictures.

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