Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sweet Stuff for Sunday

This morning, as we were getting ready for church, the boys gave me my first birthday present: 2 beautiful sets of earrings and an elaborate, beaded necklace. Raef was curious to know how I got the holes in my ears so that I can wear earrings. Once I explained it to him, he told me he was glad he is not a girl. I asked him to elaborate. He explained that he doesn't have to have his ears pierced or be pregnant.

Smart kid.

Eli's latest thing is wearing shoes. He loves to wear the big shoes and finds them, no matter which house we are in. Be careful where you leave your shoes. If they are available, he will take them for a spin and they don't always come back.

Here he is in Dad's flip-flops today and tonight.

After church, Rinar decided he would like to have us take a little drive to see the temple. So after we ate dinner, we headed over there. It was a beautiful night tonight and the temple grounds were peaceful. At least they were peaceful until we arrived.

Once they did a lap around the grounds, they came back to the hill and were running up and down it. Raef and Zach were playing a friendly and very reverent game of tackle. They took their shoes off to enjoy the grass, so of course Eli had to give their shoes a drive around the area. It was a lot of fun.

It is time to go to bed. That is one tired little boy.


Lanell said...

Eli reminds me a lot of my Joseph. He likes to ware shoes around the house too. I love the tired pic of Eli at the end. Too cute!

bk said...

i foresee eli being able to fit into those slippers one day....if he turns out to have the height of any of his uncles or his dad that is...

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