Thursday, September 17, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance, Eli?

First of all, notice that my countdown chart is in the 20's. Time is rolling along and soon I will be back on my feet. Hooray!

I have been meaning to put this on tape for a while and Rinar finally helped me to remember to do it. Eli loves to dance, but it is not just to any song. He has one song that he loves. I have no idea what it is called but I am pretty sure it is a piece written by Bach. It just sounds like a Bach number. Hey, if you know what it is, would you please clue me in on it? The song is on the menu page of the kids math DVD. When he first heard it many months ago, Eli would kind of rock back and forth. Then he started twirling and now he wants to hear it all the time! So, I flip the TV over to DVD and it comes on and he gets really excited and just starts to spin around. I have seen him actually spin for the entire song.

Now since he has heard it so many times, he knows when it is about to end and starts to demand a replay before it is over. In this video, it starts with him dancing to the end of the song and then asking for more before it plays again. And then he spins...and spins... and spins...and spins...

CAUTION: You could get dizzy watching this thing.

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