Saturday, January 31, 2009

Great White Concert

Rinar and I were busy working on some home improvement projects this afternoon when we got a call from his brother Lyf. They were heading down to Vegas to see Great White in concert. And you know me, being the music connoisseur that I am, said "Who?"

We decided to go with them. It was...hmmm...interesting. After about 4 songs I decided that I really needed some lemonade and a piece of pizza and a chair.

I guess it was all of the swearing, misogynistic comments, misogynistic music, and general icky convulsing feeling that really made me realize how appealing the lemonade was for me.

It is kind of disgusting and childish to see a man who is almost 60 with saggy tattooed skin, prancing around a stage, thinking he is God's gift to humanity; someone who has demonstrated no self-control over his appetites and thinks it is funny to brag about all of his pathetically bad behavior to a bunch of drunk 80's wannabes.

(Sorry Lyf)

This night out on the town has again reminded me how important it is to stand in holy places.

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