Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lessons From My Kids

When I got home from my morning meeting today, Raef eagerly met me at the front door.

"Mom, I have a surprise for you. Look over there for your surprise!"

I looked on the bureau and there was a piece of construction paper folded up to look like a letter. He drew the folds of the letter and had Dad draw a stamp on it. It had to be a stamp of the bell with the crack in it, according to Raef.

He made sure to put my name and address on it. The "address" was my cell phone number. How cute is that?

When I opened up my taped up "envelope" there was a cute picture with a heart and it said, "I love you Mom."

I told you he has such a big heart.


And then I was rebuked by Zach today so effectively, to help me get a check on my sarcasm. As we were eating dinner, he reached for something and proceeded to dump his entire glass of milk on the table, into a steady stream that headed straight for my lap. I kept saying to him, "Thank you so much Zach. Thank you so much."

He had this look of consternation on his face. Finally he replied, "Mom, you are not really thankful."

Ouch, that one hurt.


Lanell said...

Raef really is a sweetie! and Zach's comment to you . . . priceless :)

Meridy said...

Funny! Gotta love all those things that kids do!

Sassy Christian Momma said...

wow! Smart kids when they can detect sarcasm!

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