Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm a Coupon Girl Now

I am officially hooked, okay?

I just did my first foray into the serious coupon world. I have wanted to do it, but just have not made the time to make it happen. Then a few days ago, my friend Melanie was at my house and called my other friend Jen on her cell phone. They were palpitating like 12 year old girls at a New Kids On The Block concert, talking about how much money they had saved from their weekly shopping trip using coupons.

I realized that I really needed to get on the bandwagon.

Tonight was my night and I saved a TON of money and got great items for my food storage. I haven't calculated total savings, but it was at least 65-70%.

My husband was less than thrilled with all the time I spent working on it tonight. I mean, I did get home at 11:00pm, and there was a lot of stuff with fiber in it, that he will probably never eat. But then he noticed the Fiber One chewy bars that I bought for 50 cents per box. The manager in Albuquerque is always eating them, and Rinar was very impressed. He really started to perk up at all of my spoils and is going to take a few boxes and the receipt to New Mexico to show Jamison the awesome price. For the record, Fiber One bars usually cost $3.79/box.

I didn't take a picture of this, but I am going to link you to my mentor and you can see the picture she took. My spoils are very similar to hers. Unfortunately, I missed out on all the diapers and the Gogurts. I think you have to get there early for those.


Julie T. said...

Couponing is the best! Everytime I go and save tons of money I feel like calling everyone I know! Good work Kelly:)

Jen said...

Ha ha - Snagged another one!! I think they need to put a disclaimer with this class that you may become a bit psychotic about it!
Yeah for savings!!!
Julie - I DO call everyone I know when I am done shopping - cause I'm that crazy!!

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