Wednesday, July 2, 2014

ISSI, Once Again

After Father's Day, we once again attended the Intermountain Suzuki String Institute. Eli got to go this year to the Twinkle classes. He had a master class with Amy Norton, who was fabulous and a movement class with a lady from Sweden. Her last name was Berg. I can't remember her first. Eli was a model student. And it really got him excited about playing the violin and wants to practice all the time now.

Raef once again thrived at camp. He did a chamber class with Brant Bayless, had orchestra and master class with Smale. He also did his performance class with Robert Richardson. Rob is by far his favorite teacher.

Zach did his master class with Becker this year and had repertoire with Sylvia Koo. Sylvia is from Singapore and she is tough, but really gets results.  Take a look at his performance for the recital on Saturday.

It was a long, arduous week for camp but the payout is always huge. I love to see my boys play.

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