Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Hot and Sleepless Fourth

Once again for the Fourth of July, we found ourselves down in St. George. I have no idea why we go to St. George in July. It is freaking hot and really not the best time ago, but whatever, I guess. Rinar was in Las Vegas for work, so he just drove up on Wednesday night and spent time with his mom. I met him on Thursday at the water park next to the Tabernacle. After a four hour drive, my kids really needed to get out and play and fortunately the city has a wonderful splash pad and mini-river that is perfect for a wide age range of kids, which is what I have.

In the evening we headed out to Lyf's house because that is where we were going to stay for the weekend. It was a rough night for Noelle. She just could not fall asleep. She was a little bit sick from getting her shots and it didn't help that we were not home and that she was over-tired from only taking a 30 minute nap for the whole day. I had to hold her to sleep from about 1:30 am to 2:00 am before she finally gave it up. 

Rinar took the kids to the parade in Hurricane while I got some sleep Friday morning. And I thought that Noelle would sleep a little longer, but alas, she was awake bright and early. It is tough to find things for the kids to do in St. George when it is so wretchedly hot outside. After hanging out at Lyf's house in the morning, we then went over to Nordel's house and hung out there and tried to get Noelle to take a nap while the kids played. But she was not cooperative at all. Grrrr! By about 5 pm we were a bit desperate for somewhere to go, and ended up at McDonald's because of the indoor playground. I swear I would never go there if it weren't for the playground.

After killing an hour or so at McDonald's, we went to my Grandma N.'s house to get ready for the fireworks. I once again tried to get my little baby to go to sleep. She had only slept for a few really good hours for the past few days. How was she functioning? I thought I was successful at getting her to bed and left her on my grandma's bed to sleep until it was time to leave late that night. However, it was not to be. After about 45 minutes, she was awake again! Holy smokes!!

So I took her outside with everyone else.  Here is Grandma all ready to enjoy the festivities with Eli, Julia, and Harry.

We did sparklers this year. It was a big hit!

And we had ice cream cones. Nordel and Brooke's family came along with Brooke's brother and mom and all of their families. It was a nice crowd. Karey, Eric, Dallin, and Ian came like always and it is nice to be able to see them and catch up.

There is that stubborn little baby with Grandma and Auntie Margaret. She did really enjoy the fireworks and was mesmerized by them.

 Eli is hanging out with his cousin Brielle.

And Harry, with his cousin Tru, really loved the fireworks. He made sound effects as he watched them explode and was trying to freeze them in the air. It was darling.

On Saturday, we played at Lyf's house for a while and finally hit the road at about 4 pm. On our way out of town, we paid a visit to Lynn. His headstone is in place and it looks beautiful.

This was a precious moment I captured of Noelle with Grandpa.

Fortunately, with a little help from a night-time cough medicine, we were able to get Noelle back on her sleeping schedule and all is right with the world again. And we made it back to cooler weather...thank goodness.

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