Thursday, July 17, 2014

Nine and Half Months

Noelle is now 9 and a half months old. Time is whizzing by. She is just a darling little baby girl. She loves to explore and touch everything with her hands and feet. Everything must go in her mouth. That is probably because she needs to try out all of the new teeth she has. There are two on the bottom a few coming in on the top. That means that she has had a runny nose for the past month. And this girl absolutely hates getting her nose cleaned. It is an all out war.

Noelle had her 9 month check up a few weeks ago and she is about average on her height and weight. She loves to eat and will eat just about anything. This sure makes life easier for me. She is also very ticklish and when I am changing her clothes, I tickle her tummy and she just loves it. 

She also went swimming for the first time this past month. It was a hit. She is a natural in the water. She doesn't cling to me and feels comfortable as I move her through the pool. This is her first swimming suit and I think it is absolutely darling.

She is starting to "talk" more. And I have to admit that yesterday she saw Rinar on FaceTime and clearly said Da Da. I think that was her first word. She is a bit reluctant to say Ma Ma. Boo hoo for me.  But she sure loves me and I can still cuddle with her when I give her a bottle. I am in love with her.

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