Monday, June 16, 2014

It's Just Paper

Friday night was Father and Sons camp out for the ward.  The boys always look forward to this time with their dad. This year Eli and Harry were adamant about taking their coin collections so that they could show every one...captive audience, you know. Harry showed some people, but Eli really made sure to show everyone in the camp. He would walk right up to someone and ask them if they would like to see his coin collection. What? Were they gonna say no to that adorable face? I think not.

David D. and Ryan P. looked and admired the coins and asked him pointed questions about it. Bubba P. had great expressions of admiration as well. This must have really made Eli feel good.

But the best interaction had to come from the bishop, Dan E. He was one of the last ones to see the coin collection. Eli made sure to thoroughly display each coin, with a detailed explanation of its value and history. Eli made it clear that his coin collection was not for sale or trade. Bishop put this to the test. First he pulled out a dollar bill from his wallet to entice Eli, but he snuffed at that and told the bishop it was just paper.

Then the bishop upped the ante and offered a $10 bill from his wallet to entice this nascent coin collector. NOPE!

Finally bishop pulled out a crisp $100 bill. $100!!! Take it and run Eli! Take it....and RUN!!! Eli looked at it and thought about it a second and said, "Maybe for my lamest coin." The bishop laughed and told Eli that he must really love his coin collection. Eli agreed and said that his dad worked really hard to buy his coin collection, like for two months.

I just love this kid.

And Harry had fun too, but got tired and asked to go to bed.

On the way home, the boys stopped in Heber to visit Lindsay and Justin's shaved ice shack called WISP (Wasatch Ice and Soda Pop). I haven't been able to go yet, but Rinar said it was super delicious.  I can't wait to check it out.

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NormaKimokeo said...

Eli's final "Maybe for my lamest coin" made me bust out laughing! Sooo precious! Thanks for sharing.

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