Sunday, July 20, 2014


Our stake sponsors something called Trek once every four years for the youth. It is an amazing opportunity for kids 14-18 years old. My two are too young to participate, but they were asked to help out with the send off. Trek is a re-enactment opportunity to get a glimmer of what it was like for the handcart pioneers so long ago. I did not even realize that one of my ancestors was a handcart pioneer and successfully made it to the Salt Lake valley. 

Anyways, my boys were asked to play the part of Jon Chatterly and his cousin, two kids who sailed with their families from England to come to America and Zion. While they were waiting for the boat to sail out of Liverpool, Jon's dad told them to take the dogs for a walk because it would be many months before they would be able to do so again. When the boys came back, the ship had started to set sail and was ten feet off of the dock! Yikes!! They had to hire a smaller boat to row out to the big boat. It was quite a story. But these boys were musicians who would entertain the sailors and passengers on the long voyage. Hence, Raef and Zach entertained the kids going on Trek by playing different fiddle songs. It was a fun morning.

And while they played for the youth, my little kids stayed entertained by playing on the swing set, eating donuts, and playing on my iPhone.

Then I had to run Raef and Zach up to the school where they were participating in a LEGO robot camp. After that, I took the little kids to the skate park. It is our new favorite thing to do. This was our second time going. They brought scooters and scooted around the obstacles. Every time they get a little more brazen and coordinated. It is fun to watch them grow and develop new skills.

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