Thursday, July 17, 2014

Salt Lake City Cemetery

We had a surprisingly good time a few weeks ago when we did a field trip to the Salt Lake City Cemetery. It was a Relief Society activity. It was a small group of women, but we made it count. The cemetery is right next to downtown in the Avenues and it is the largest municipal cemetery in the country. 

This cemetery is where a lot of pioneers and leaders of the church are buried. If you know church history, this is the place you want to go. It is seeped in church history. I think that most of the prophets are buried here. It is special.

This was a wooden grave site of a handcart pioneer. I thought that was pretty groovy. I also enjoyed the fact that people still care greatly about these grave sites. Many of the markers have been replaced due to weathering. These are beloved people that have been buried here.

The cemetery also has an incredible vista of the city. I was wowed by the view. It was quite astounding.

Here is the grave marker of President David O. McKay. It is just below the grave of Gordon B. Hinckley. I just loved that man so much.

Here are the ladies. Melissa K., Chris K., Sharon F., Landon C., Marlene M., Brady C., and Melissa C. is not pictured because she is behind the camera.

After our tour of the cemetery we went to a nearby park and ate lunch. The kids played on the playground and we were able to visit for a while.

My mom told me that I have relatives buried in this cemetery. I had no idea! I am going to have to go back and visit again, but maybe without the kids.

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