Sunday, December 8, 2013

My Family Thanksgiving

It was a privilege to be able to host and cook dinner for most of my family. Except for my Dad, Heather, and Cody, everyone was here over Thanksgiving to celebrate together, even Grandma Nay came. We sure had a wonderful time together. It was a blessing that I am very grateful for. Family is everything. It is not often that I can spend time with my family, but I cherish these moments. 

I spent all day cooking a traditional Thanksgiving feast. Actually, a lot of it was prepared days in advance so that I didn't go completely bonkers on Thanksgiving Day.  Everything went smoothly. In the morning, a lot of us got out there in the morning and walked or ran a couple of miles, to start the day off right. 

Catye brought cookie stuff for the kids to decorate. They really enjoyed making turkey cookies. We hung out in the afternoon, played many rounds of Bananagrams. Then we ate dinner in the evening on Grandma's china.  It was cool to be able to use her beautiful dishes at the dinner table with her. That was neat.

Afterwards, we had a wonderful bonding moment doing an untalented talent show. Everyone had to share a silly talent. It was a big hit. The best one was probably the story that Jamie told with the help of Mike and Catye and Leah's legs. It was very silly and we really laughed a lot.

I hope this is something that my kids will remember years down the road. I want to be able to gather my children on holidays like this and make memories, even when I am an old woman. I loved this time with my family and I look forward to many more years and many more memories.

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