Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Baby Blessing Kind of Weekend

Saturday was another crazy day. But it was all for Danny and Paul. Since so many family members had to hit the road on Sunday morning, Jamie and Catye decided to do their babies' blessings at our house on Saturday night. I was just the facilitator for this one. I didn't really have any planning to do, or much cooking for that matter. We fed our family and Leah's family before the blessing. It was a potato bar and was delicious and super easy. I was especially grateful for the super easy aspect of the meal. I was getting pretty burnt out in that kitchen.

Then people started showing up... a LOT of people. I had no earthly clue if our house would be able to accommodate so many people. I just put a skirt on, sat down at the piano and played some church music to set a feeling of reverence for this special day. But the room did start to feel pretty crowded, especially when my mom sat on the piano bench with me so that she would have somewhere to sit. Rinar packed them in somehow. I don't think it would be an exaggeration to say that there were 100 people here.

But it was pretty amazing. Leah had at least 50 people here. Catye and Mike, at least as many. Rinar welcomed everyone, we sang an opening hymn, said a prayer. Then both babies were blessed. We closed with a hymn, said a prayer, and then feasted on a wide array of dessert options. Once people didn't have to pack into the living room, we actually fit everyone quite nicely.

It was especially nice to see a whole bunch of my Nay relatives here. It was perfect as a lot of them were heading out of town on Sunday to get home. Barry, David, Nancy, and a lot of our cousins came. It was so great to be able to catch up and see them again.

As for Noelle, we blessed her on Sunday in our ward. She wore the same dress that Julia wore, a dress my mother made. It is a beautiful family heirloom for my girls. Nordel's family was up here and they were able to come, as well as RJ and Jazon and his wife Becca. My bestie Melanie came to sacrament also with a couple of her kids. So in Noelle's circle were Rinar, RJ, Nordel, the bishopbric (Dan E., Rick E., and Brad C.), Mike, and Jamie.

"Noelle, we now bless you with the spirit to be with you as a constant companion in your life. We bless you that the choices you make will be to follow your Savior Jesus Christ. We have been very blessed by you already, that you come to us from your Heavenly Father's presence into our lives. You have been such an inspiration and a joy to each of us. We bless you that through your life you will feel the Savior's warm, sweet spirit, that all those who you meet will be happier and helped because of you and your life and the way you live your life. We bless you to gain a strong testimony of the church, to love the mission of your savior Jesus Christ and your faith in him will grow. We bless you to continue to be a sweet spirit. And these choices that you do make, that you will choose to marry a nice young boy in the temple when the time comes. We bless you to continue to be an inspiration and help to your family and friends and all of God's children."

Yes, she really is a blessing and a sweet spirit.

We also made sure to get a generations picture. This is me and my daughter with my mother and grandmother.

Three babies, three baby blessings...and an absolutely crazy weekend.

Aren't they so precious?

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