Saturday, December 28, 2013

Cousin Gift Exchange

We came down for a long weekend in St. George. On Thursday night we stayed at the Courtyard so that the kids could do some swimming. Once in a while, it is fun to do something like that. And they kids enjoyed the time with dad in the swimming pool Thursday night. 
On Friday morning, it was  my turn to take the kids to pool while Rinar took some phone calls for work.  I am not quite as much fun as dad when it comes to swimming pools, that is for sure. But I tried at least.
We then had to do some late Christmas shopping because we were meeting at night to exchange cousins gifts with Rinar's family.  It was a good time to go to Target. There were oodles of things on sale.  Then we went to wrap everything at Grandma E.'s house.
After a Mexican dinner with Lyf's family, it was time for all the cousins to come over for the exchange.
Lani and Jeff

Rayder and Aislinn

Grandma and Jayde

Xayden and Bethany

Mary Jane

She is just being SOOO cute!

Grandma plays a mean game of ping pong.
Lyf and Angie got a ping pong table for their kids this Christmas. It was a big hit for the entire family. And let the record show, I played Nordel and beat him. Boo-yeah, baby.

It is satisfying to see all of these cousins growing before my very eyes. They are becoming wonderful young people and I really look forward to seeing what they do when they become adults. Family is a blessing.

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