Saturday, December 28, 2013


How about some horseback riding?  Rinar's sister Lani invited everyone to her house to ride horses. Her husband Jeff loves his horses and has some property up in Diamond Valley.  They have 3 horses.  Rinar took Raef, Zach, Julia, Eli, Bryn, Mary Jane, and Kate. I stayed home with the baby and Harry.  Harry was happy to have some alone time with me.
Raef rode Tony. Raef really had fun riding him. At the beginning it was scary, but then it was easy peasey.

Eli rode Cody. He said it was like running and he wasn't scared at all. He looks pretty comfortable up there.

Bryn rode two different horses: Rose and Tony.

And no matter where Julia is, she is gonna do a pose.  Work it, girl! She had fun and told me it wasn't scary either. Dad made the horse run when he walked Julia around. She liked to run with the horse.

I have decided horseback riding is not my thing. I was happy to just enjoy the pictures.

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