Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Basketball Time

Raef is now really getting into the sports world. He had a successful football season and now it is on to basketball. I signed him up a while ago and then right before the season was getting ready to start, I got a call from the recreation center asking me if I would be willing to coach.

I had to think about it for a second but then I decided that I would. I coached a few times when Rinar and I were first married and was very involved in the basketball world as a high school student. But man, getting out on that court and running a practice...I realized quickly that I am a bit rusty.

I had a hard time remembering drills and stuff. I started doing research on Youtube to help me remember and get the basketball juices flowing again.

Dattin, Raef, and Griffin

I have an interesting team. It is a hodge podge of different kids from the community.  And I have five tall kids and five very short kids. Most of them have never played before at all. And one kid has autism. Whew. That is a lot to deal with, but I now have a game plan. After getting massacred in our first scrimmage, I created a simple offense. It is really half an offense because it just starts an offense for them and then they play with whatever works.  The good news is that in our second scrimmage we tied the other team and I saw a huge improvement. I just hope we keep improving throughout the season and that these boys learn the game.

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