Monday, January 23, 2012

You Got To Get Small

Eli told Rinar to come sit down. They had to talk.  Eli told him that he needs to grow small.  How small? He needs to be 3! Then Daddy can wear Eli's clothes and go to his birthday party. Then once he grows small Daddy can grow big again.

Just one of those really sweet moments.

If you want, you can watch it here.

Ever since Eli attended Raef and Zach's birthday party, he is anxiously looking forward to his own. He will get presents and puzzles and cake. Eli is very excited for his party.  Oh, how I love the machinations of a 3 year-old.


bk said...

i. love. this. precious moments!!! i liked,"you could have this hair" hahaha

Cynthia said...

Well that's just about as cute as it gets!

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