Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Salon Girl

It was time for Miss Julia to get a haircut.  She seems to end up with the same hairdo everyday because I have to keep the hair out of her face. I was ready for something new.

Here she is right before her big appointment, holding a pink princess book.

She was an old pro. Julia got up on the chair and sat so still and quiet.  She was soaking it all in. When the hairdresser told her to put her head down, she did and didn't move. When she needed to look right, she did, etc.  I was amazed. My little girl is growing up.

There you go. She got a trim and some new bangs.  It frames her face so nicely.

We did a little bit of shopping at the grocery store and she pushed the mini cart around and was so stinkin' adorable.  

It was a good day for her. She got a haircut and did really well with her potty training.  Life is good.


Carolyn said...

She'll be stealing your clothes, makeup, and jewelry before you know it.

NormaKimokeo said...

Just curious... How much did they charge for a little-girl haircut?

She looks adorable!

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