Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tough Mudder Phoenix

Warning: This blog may contain several rants.  You have been warned.

Rinar decided to do the Tough Mudder in Phoenix this last weekend. His brother Nordel joined him, in addition to other Fidelity guys from the west that Rinar has worked with over the years.  We decided to make it a weekend getaway.  

We flew in on Friday and went to the Mesa Temple in the morning. Then we met up with Nordel and Brooke, and my sister Heather, who lives in Scottsdale.  We ate dinner across the street from the Suns stadium and then went to the NBA game. The Phoenix Suns were playing the New Jersey Nets.

My animosity of the NBA has been cemented after this game. First of all, the game was totally lame.  It was like NBA D League.  Our tickets were ridiculously expensive, and probably some of the worst in the entire stadium.  There were people constantly in front of the court, so that 30-40% of our view was obscured.  This included the usher and this cameraman.

I mean, look at this view. The cameraman and producer stood there for about 5 minutes of the game. Yes, this was my view.  Awesome, right?  But don't worry. It was, like, totally worth it.  Our section won t-shirts, as long as we stood up and danced around like a bunch of buffoons.  I didn't, but I still got a t-shirt somehow.  Do you know what it said?  "We Want Tacos"

I thought it would be a Phoenix Suns shirt.

Then I decided to model it for our section just like the cameraman would.

Cool, huh?  And the usher actually told me to move.  It is good to see he is so concerned about it.  Do you think he said anything to the cameraman?

The next day was race day. It was on the outskirts of the Phoenix area in Mesa, at some desolate proving grounds.  Nothing was out there, including roads to actually get you to the event. Rinar's wave went at 9:20. We got to the freeway exit at about the same time and sat there for, like, EVER!  I also found out that parking cost $10.  Yes, you had to pay to park in an abandoned, gravel mosh pit, in which you still had to walk a considerable distance to the entrance.  We didn't even make it to the parking lot. We parked outside and then walked in. (At least I didn't pay for parking.) 

Then we had to pick up our tickets.  Tickets? What? You need tickets?

Yes, correct. In order to be a spectator, prepaid tickets cost $20 (plus fees).  If you pay the day of, it is only $40.  Luckily, we prepaid, so we would be able to pick up our tickets, no problem.

Oh wait...yes...wait, and wait, and wait. We waited and extra 20 minutes to pick up those prepaid tickets. 

Finally! We were at the race. But Rinar and Nordel had been out there for one and a half hours.  The course s only 12 miles long.  So Brooke, Heather, and I walked and walked and walked.  

Could not find them anywhere.  Heather had to leave to go back to work.  

I watched these people go over this wall. I thought I should get a picture of something.  You know...$20 (plus fees) and all.

After Heather left, Brooke and I walked to the end of the course and watched these people go over this wall.  We sat on a comfortable piece of dirt and gravel for about 10-15 minutes.

Then my phone rang.  "Hi, I am calling for Rinar. He is at the finish line. They just finished the race." did I feel about this; totally and completely pissed, angry, sad, disappointed and absolutely furious at Tough Mudder, the biggest rip off on planet earth.  It may be fun for the participants but  it sucks if you want to watch.  I actually cried at the finish line, I was so upset.  

Worse. Race. On. The. Planet. Do not go as a spectator unless you want to be totally ripped off by avaricious, money-grubbing scoundrels.

But at least the dirt tasted good. 

There you go...Rinar is a Tough Mudder. Congratulations.

There was actually a tattoo parlor at the finish line. I should have gotten a tattoo saying, "You thought the Tough Mudder was tough, try trying to watch it."


Hoku said...

AAaaaaawwww MAN! We call that IRRAZ! I would've been the worst wife ever after that event and would've complained myself into a angry pile of salt. Okay, I'm mixing my own rendition of scripture but I would've been majorly bitter and irrazmatated (as Jerry puts it).

I laughed out loud with the, "At least the dirt tasted good" and tattoo comments.

Way to go Rinar, though; you're awesome!

Cynthia said...

That's a long way to travel for disappointment! Hopefully you at least got some warm temperatures? Congrats to Rinar and condolences to you!

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