Saturday, September 17, 2011


The boys had their second soccer game this season.  And guess what?  They won!!!  We did a little bit of recruiting and our friend Trevor decided to join the team. His dad works with Rinar and they are in our ward. Trevor is really a baseball player. He has never actually played soccer. I am not sure why not. The kid is a natural.  I was so impressed. He got right in there.  Trevor has a killer instinct and it didn't take long for him to get the rhythm of the game and then score our first goal. It was sweet.

It was a come-from-behind win.  The final score: 3-2.  Raef scored the go-ahead goal.  He seemed a lot more evenly paced for the game, not so frantic.  The team was starting to realize that you can't follow the ball around everywhere. They seemed to reserve their energy much better.

Raef got a breakaway ball and took it all the way down the field, past about 3 defenders and put it in the goal.  After that, his step was a little lighter.  I must say that it is definitely much more fun when you win, or even when you score goals and are competitive with the other team.

Zach is still trying to figure out where he is when he is out there. But he is tough and has no fear at going head-to-head with anyone.  He even had a really good shot on goal at the very end.  I think that made him happy.

Do you know what made me happy?  Eli, Harry, and Julia stayed with the babysitter.

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likeschocolate said...

That is totally exciting!

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