Friday, September 9, 2011

The Cogs of Homeschooling

It has been a pretty good week so far. We have been able to do quite a bit of schoolwork. The older the kids get, the more things we can study. The possibilities are endless. I am looking forward to our educational adventure this year. 

This afternoon we headed over to Chuck E. Cheese's because it was homeschool day there.  Well, sort of.  The kids will be participating in a co-op starting next week. It is called Eagle and it has been around for quite some time.  They really have their acts together.  I paid the bill for the classes the kids will be taking. Raef is doing US Geography, Self-Defense, and Lego Builders. Zach will be in Self-Defense, Cooking Around the World, and Watercolor. They really did not want to take the same classes at all.  So, there you go. And on a similar note, I am teaching a biology class sans my kids. It will be nice, I must say. 

I was able to meet many homeschooling families and it was really good. I was grateful for the opportunity to get in there. My kids seemed to make new friends quickly.  This is going to be a positive thing for all of us.

And on a related strain, yesterday we were reading the Book of Mormon like we always do to start our day.  I like to talk about definitions so the kids will increase their vocabulary and gain a greater understanding of the things we are reading.  We came to the word 'repugnant'.  I asked them what it means.  At first they didn't know, but then a light bulb went off for Zach.  Since we have been studying Latin for the past year, he said that he saw fight in the word.  Of course, pugno means "I fight" in Latin.  It was just really cool to see the cogs turning.

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